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Enhanced Service Technology


Reactive Call Management


Our fully integrated and comprehensive IT management system has been built in-house and spans every aspect of the business and allows for real-time management of all operations from the time a call is logged to the time an invoice is raised. We allow it to constantly grow and evolve with our business.

When a call is placed, our in-house helpdesk will log the call, which is then automatically synchronized to our engineer’s PDA in real-time. Once any service call has been attended the information concerning the outcome of the visit is reported back to the system in real-time via the engineers PDA. This fully traceable process can be observed in real-time by both Network operatives and customers via the customer log-in on our website.

We ensure that each of our customer’s has a customer log-in facility with which the progress of current jobs can be traced and all equipment history can be viewed. This facility can be set up for both individual outlets as well as central operations departments.

The call management system and corresponding intranet facility are entirely flexible and fully customizable. They can be tailored to individual customer needs and even have the potential to be fully integrated with other business’s IT systems.




Thanks to our management systems being fully integrated, we have extensive reporting capabilities. We use such reporting capabilities internally to monitor performance. Externally we can report on practically any aspect of service performance, cost analysis or activity monitoring.

Any reporting requirement can be fulfilled. Reports can be requested ad-hoc or configured to generate and be sent at periodic intervals as required




All invoicing and data transfer is defaulted as fully electronic, however any method is possible depending on the customer’s preference.


Fully customisable reporting on spend and activity allows for better knowledge and decision making.

  • Track Calls in Real Time
  • View Invoices and Costing Analysis Reports
  • View Maintenance Schedules
  • Book Calls
  • Download Certificates and Documentation

Restaurant or Operations staff can have email reports detailing jobs booked and jobs attended sent direct to their email.