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About Network Catering Engineers

We have been providing services to the catering industry for over 16 years and during this time we have established relationships with a host of blue-chip clients and their franchised businesses in all areas of the catering industry.


Our Workforce


All of our engineers are directly employed in order to assure the quality of service we provide. Each year we are committed to making substantial investments in training our workforce, ensuring we can provide the highest possible standard of service consistently.

We operate our very own training in-house training center which allows us to deliver manufacturer approved training courses to all engineers which ensures knowledge remains up-to-date and relevant.


Partnership Philosophy


Our clients are all viewed as strategic partners, with their specific requirements being constantly reviewed to ensure the suitability of service being provided and with the goal of identifying possibilities for optimising service. By applying a truly progressive and pro-active attitude to service delivery we have managed to build lasting mutually beneficial relationships with many successful multi-site catering operators.

We expect our customers to be highly demanding in order to ensure their own customers’ satisfaction. We take this as an opportunity to build highly tailored service delivery systems that meet such demands. In viewing such relationships as partnerships we can together build better, more efficient service practices.


Ethical and Environmental Considerations


We are highly focused on the sustainability of our business and as such we are committed to a very principled approach to all ethical and environmental factors that affect our operations. We strive only to build relationships with organizations that demonstrate similar levels of commitment to such issues in order to ensure the long-term feasibility of any relationship.

We focus on certain key areas to ensure our impact on the environment is controlled and limited wherever possible. All electrical waste is disposed of through recognized schemes that guarantee ethical disposal and promote recycling. We also ensure there are systems in place to monitor and promote energy efficiency.